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Hello, my name is Roman Kauls, a holistic nutritional practitioner with a naturopathic approach.


Understanding nutrition can change your life


How I work.
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No one is the same and that’s beautiful. You may have a common health issue but the program I write will be tailored specifically to you and your goals.

My approach to you

Modern times demand modern approaches. Nutrition and health are not excluded. I believe that to be of service I need to be flexible. As tailored as my programs are, as flexible is my approach to working with you.

I just couldn’t believe that by just changing a few items on my menu I was able to live a much healthier life. Thank you, Roman, for creating a safe environment for me to strive.
— Sarah W.

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Energy Levels


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About Me

“We often think that the food we eat is the most important factor in becoming a healthier version of ourselves. This is true, however, how we approach the change is often neglected. We must address out mindset” Roman Kauls


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